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Endicott Precision Purchases Seven new Amada Press Brakes

Fri, Dec 9 2011

Endicott Precision has completed the renovation of its forming department with the purchase of 7 state of the art Amanda Press Brakes including 6 HD8025NT units and 1 HD1303NT unit. “…Amada’s new HD NT press brake series can handle a full range of applications in bend lengths from 79 to 276 inches. This high-performance series features a Hybrid Drive system that is engineered for low energy consumption and requires less hydraulic fluid than conventional machines.

Amada’s patented variable slit crowning feature ensures consistent angle accuracy. Larger models are equipped with an auto-crowning feature that provides precise results based on calculations create by the AMNC-PC control. Additional features of the new HD series include:

     ·         High-speed, high-precision bending sensor that eliminates test bends.

     ·         Increased distance between tooling and greater stroke length provides for a larger processing area.

     ·         Expanded processing area enables deep box bending.

     ·         Increased distance between punch and die allows for safe and easy processing of heavy materials.

     ·         88-ton capacity

     ·         101" maximum bend length

     ·         18.5" open height (without clamps)

     ·         7.87" stroke

     ·         ±.00004" ram repeatability

Amada’s full line HD series boasts enhanced bending features for a wide range of applications. The new series is engineered to expand fabricator’s processing range, reduce energy consumption, ensure angle accuracy, eliminate trial bends, improve operability and bring digital processing to new markets.”


Click here for information regarding both models. 

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